See Who Is Attending: Registered Alumni
NameMaiden nameClass of
Judith A. Alamprese1969
Mary AllardCosgrove1977
Theresa M. AnticoAntico1969
Jane M. BarchMcGovern1969
Heidi A. BarnerBurns1979
Kathleen P. BarrettAmbrose1976
Sheila M. Barry-Oliver
Margaret M. Benz
Laura A. Blanciforti1969
Carol A. BonnerChapski1969
Irene M. BonnerDeStefano1969
Judith G. BrodmanGetch1964
Anne M. Brutnell1989
Anne BunchLynch1974
Karen A. Burke
Mary G. BurnsSullivan1974
Donna A. Butman1969
Mary Lou CahalaneManey1959
Paula Callanan1979
Nyeem R. Cameron2014
Marie F. Cannon1979
Mary J. CarlinPerraud1974
Mary T. CarsonTrovato1969
Catherine E. CioniComeau2004
Sarah K. ClarkHutchings1999
Patricia A. Compagnone-Post1979
Ellen H. ConnellHarris1969
Jane E. CovielloCampbell1969
Mary CoyneDowney1959
Josephine A. CroweGrasso1964
Bernadette M. CusackMemoli1969
Claudette P. DachowskiRoy1979
Melissa E. Daley1988
Barbara A. Deck1969
Jillian Degnan2009
Paula S. DehetreScott1979
Lenore P. DelVecchioMerullo1984
Patricia R. DerbaRoche1972
Lucie-Anne A. Dionne-Thomas1969
Valerie C. DonovanChamberland1977
Katherine M. DriscollPerraud1969
Christine DuquettePacheco1979
Michelle E. Duschang1989
Anastasia B. EdmonstonBarrett1984
Amy J. Ericson2009
Ellen L. FahertyKuppens1977
Grace F. Farrell1969
Jacqueline V. Ferretti1969
Laurajane FitzsimonsLe Clair1989
Kaitlyn J. Foley2004


Please note: There can be a delay of 72 hours before names appear on this list. When registering, attendees have the option to exclude their name from this list.