Young Alumni Council

The Council seeks to better serve and support recent graduates with programs and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspectives. It seeks to foster and sustain the active involvement of young alumni in support of Emmanuel College and the Alumni Association. The Council will also act to shepherd the development of volunteers and future leaders in ways that deepen their commitment to Emmanuel and prepare them for active roles in alumni affairs.

What is the objective of the council?
To better engage and strengthen the relationship with Emmanuel’s most recent graduates.

Who is considered a young alumna/us?
Any person who has graduated from Emmanuel within the last ten years.

What is the Council's structure?
The Young Alumni Council is comprised of 20 members, ideally two representatives from each of the ten classes, and an executive committee is elected consisting of the president, vice-president and secretary. The entire council is coordinated by Kathleen Grey, Strategic Engagement Coordinator.

How long are the terms?
Young Alumni Council member terms are two years. Members can serve two consecutive terms.

What is the nomination process?
Young alumni can nominate themselves or someone they know for the Young Alumni Council. Candidates must submit their current contact information, details of their employment and list any affiliation with other groups, organizations or councils. Lastly, they must submit a statement of 250 words or less articulating why they should be a member of the council. Nominations must be submitted by October 1, 2019. The Emmanuel College team will review and select the members to serve for the 2020 year by November 1, 2019.

What are the member responsibilities and expectations?

  • Participate in 4 conference calls annually
  • Boston-based alumni: Participate/attend at least 50% of YAC events annually
  • Regional alumni: Host at least one regional social networking event per year
  • Assist in the identification and recruitment of new volunteers and encourage participation in programming
  • Support the College annually by making a minimum $100 gift to the Emmanuel Fund
  • Represent the YAC, the Department of Alumni Relations, and the College on campus or in your respective community