2017 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Ballots may be submitted through Thursday, June 1, 2017.


Meet the Candidates

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Judy Chadwick Leblanc '64 - Candidate for Secretary

Emmanuel continues to prepare students for life in the tradition I benefited from, and its alumni are a critical source of continued support. Serving on the Board offers the opportunity to help ensure that our alumni continue to be involved with and support the College. As we approach the Centennial and my class reunion in 2019, alumni outreach is especially important. My past experience as a Board member and Vice President and as a member of my class reunion committees, as well as my background in software consulting services, will help me contribute quickly to the Board’s efforts as we move toward the Centennial. I hope for your support as I look to return to the Board at this very important time for Emmanuel.

Lenore Merullo DelVecchio '84 - Candidate for Treasurer

As the current Alumni Association Board Treasurer and previous Director-at-Large, I have had the pleasure and privilege of representing the alumni of Emmanuel for over seven years. I am excited to be a candidate for re-election as Treasurer. With your support I will continue to help the College maintain the current Board budget while exploring new program opportunities for alumni to become involved. I will continue to help the College expand and foster relationships with its vibrant and talented alumni community. One event I enjoy most every year is Alumni Weekend when the Board has the opportunity to engage with their fellow alumni from all of the past decades and renew old friendships, make new ones and exchange ideas. I am especially excited to start thinking about the Centennial celebration in 2019. I am grateful for your past support and ask once again to be re-elected.

Anthony Andronico '15 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

In my career I’ve been taught that there is always a more innovative and effective way to achieve a goal. It is important to have people with differing experiences making decisions; that all of those affected by these decisions feel heard; and that we always aim to do better. The first step in improving a process is to listen to those that will be directly affected by your decisions. I am running for this position to increase the volume of young alumni voices. While at Emmanuel College I had the opportunity to serve in multiple extracurricular roles (Class of 2015 Vice President, Model UN Vice President, and President of Political Forum). These roles all had one major focus: improving the experience of our students both on and off campus. In today’s world of higher education engaging young alumni is increasingly important and I’m ecstatic Emmanuel has focused on this in recent years.

Morgan Armitage '13 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

From a personal standpoint, I can offer the perspective of the young alumni who graduated and are still navigating a career direction that may have had some interesting and unconventional twists and turns. After a handful of health scares after graduating I focused back on my roots from college to remember the importance of allowing your purpose and passion to help you fuel career choices. While at Emmanuel I was a member of the 1804 Society, and Student Government. Emmanuel was such a crucial part of my development as a young adult. Without my experiences I would never have been able to truly “learn” how to learn and balance the necessary things you need to be able to gift back to the community which has become important in every career role I have had since graduating. I would like to be able to give that back to Emmanuel.

Judi Getch Brodman '64 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have been a Director-at-Large for two years and have worked on the Communications Committee ensuring that the photos and biographies of the current Board were uploaded to the Emmanuel Alumni page, writing proposals for new tasks to be accomplished and am supporting a project dealing with data storage and history retention for the Board. I also provide support during Alumni weekend. I bring excellent computer and marketing skills to the Board. It was Emmanuel where I built my confidence, knowledge,friendships and spirituality. Emmanuel taught me to open my mind and heart. My education provided me with a career that I never dreamed of. As a business owner and consultant, I worked on space projects, missile and radar tracking systems, airline radar and reservation systems. I have travelled the world and loved every single minute of it! As I look back, Emmanuel was right behind my mother and my father in making me who I am today. I felt that I had to give back – that I wanted to give back.

Miriam Brownewall '75 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

For two decades I have been involved in non-profit organizations. First, as a member (and sometime Treasurer) of the Board of Trustees for South Shore Charter Public School, then as an employee in the development/fundraising department of Tufts Dental School and, most recently, Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, Mass. This hands-on experience, as well as my experiences as a parent to four children and a decade of assisting in the day-to-day operations of my husband’s dental practice, give me a great background to be an asset to the Alumni Association Board. Both the board experience and the contact with alumni of various backgrounds in my work experience, as well as my legacy as third of the Browne women who attended Emmanuel (Classes of 1970 and 1974) has given me a unique and broad perspective. I have been a very regular donor for two decades, and a volunteer for my reunion for the past two reunion cycles

Andrew J. Cossar, MSM '11G - Candidate for Director-at-Large

What I offer: Since graduating I have been elevated in various positions from a retail store manager to now commercial banking. My experience gives me a large spectrum of views. I am a team player, able to get things done with the help of a team. I have been away from Emmanuel College and non-active because I have been waiting for the right opportunity. I believe this is the perfect start to bring me back to Emmanuel.

Erin Tracy DiGuardia '08 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

As Executive Secretary of the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board, I have been involved in many of the finer details of operating an effective board and see where growth, change and consistency is important for this body to function at a high level for alums. With the upcoming Centennial in our midst, I believe that to be even more important. As the Director of Advancement and Alumnae Relations at Mount Alvernia High School in Newton, Mass., I live in this world every day and believe in the importance of staying connected with your alma mater, and I would be thrilled to represent the alumni community for another term.

Carlo Fierimonte '13 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel provided me with the education, mentorship and guidance to grow as an individual. As a student it was important for me to get involved and network as much as possible: I worked in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Ambassador/Gold Key Ambassador and Work Study Student. In the Office of Residence Life and Housing I was a Summer Housing Assistant, Resident Assistant and Desk Attendant. I participated in Alternative Spring Break for three years, was on the Dance Marathon Executive Board and created the Transfer Student Association. As alumni it is our duty to carry on Emmanuel’s mission. By being a member of the Board I hope to offer my passion and commitment to Emmanuel, expand my knowledge of the College and its strategic plan and inspire our network of alumni to contribute to the growth and success of the College.

Mary Ann Gillen '79 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have had the honor of serving on the Board for the past two years with a diverse and vibrant Board. I can say without hesitation that two years is too short. I feel I am just getting my feet under me and my tenure is ending. This year I find myself co-chairing the Communications Committee with Gretel Schneider. The committee has compiled a list of initiatives I would like to see through to completion. It is time to use our collective voices to shape the Alumni Association this College deserves. So as we approach the Centennial, I want to continue to contribute to the expansion, connection and engagement of a vibrant EC Alumni community.

Matthew McCarthy '15 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

As a recent graduate of Emmanuel College, I would like to run for the Alumni Association Board to keep a strong connection to the College. Emmanuel College was the best decision I could have ever made. Emmanuel College guided me to pursue my passion of biology and teaching. I am currently a high school biology teacher for Boston Public Schools. I built many great relationships with my professors so that I am in contact with many of them today. With their help and support I am able to run an afterschool program that allows me to bring my students to Emmanuel to work in the science labs. As a former Admissions Ambassador to the College I am always telling people about the amazing opportunities Emmanuel has to offer. As an Alumni Board member I want to continue to promote the College and connect with other alumni, prospective students and current students to keep that strong connection to Emmanuel.

Jacqueline McLean '86, MSW, LICSW - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I am a proud Emmanuel alumna. As a student I was a member of student government, the activities board and the cross-country team. I’ve been a practitioner, educator and, since 1995, an adjunct faculty member for Anna Maria College, Assumption College, Clark University and the Smith College School of Social Work. I participated in academic-related programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as alumni events for these institutions. As a University of Connecticut School of Social Work graduate I served two years on its alumni board. I believe these experiences would prove valuable to the Emmanuel Alumni Board, and I look forward to contributing to its leadership and development of programs by serving as a Board member from the Class of 1986.

Josephine A. "Joanne" Quinn Moffatt '70 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

An Emmanuel education afforded me a platform from which to launch a rewarding career as a global human resources professional. Enhancing values instilled by my parents—spirituality, ethics, service, leadership and collaboration—the Emmanuel experience influences my goals, actions and life-long friendships. Serving on the AAB is an opportunity to “pay it forward,” and is a way to facilitate alumni engagement on a broader scale than my recent contributions of serving on a reunion committee and participating in some development activities. With renewed appreciation for the Emmanuel experience, its mission and the business acumen of Sr. Janet Eisner, SND and her leadership team, I’m enthused about sharing its successes and future plans with alumni to spark interest, become “their voice,” and increase involvement!

Matthew Palumbo '11 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Through a traditional liberal arts curriculum and exposure to diverse communities, Emmanuel is the cornerstone of my professional development as a leader. I am seeking the privilege of serving the institution and its graduates as a means of repayment for these experiences. Since graduating in 2011, I have deployed three times with the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Officer. At 22 years old, this put me in a leadership position of considerable consequence, having experienced only Emmanuel College since leaving home. Drawing on that experience I found ways to be successful. My relevant professional experience is in managing information operations and outreach across large geographic areas, as well as budgets and programs for aviation intelligence systems at the tactical level. Thank you for your consideration

Maryalice O'Hearn Yafrate '65 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I am very interested in participating in the Alumni Association Board in order to further my desire to encourage others to become involved in the goals of our shared college experiences. I enjoy facilitating interesting speakers from a variety of academic and social backgrounds to provide programs that would bring graduates from many decades together at enjoyable events.


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