2021 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Voting opens on Saturday, May 1, 2021 and ballots may be submitted through Tuesday, June 1, 2021.


Meet the Candidates

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• Jane Fitzgibbons Hanrahan '88 P'17 P'18 P'19 P'24 - Candidate for Secretary

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I have been honored and proud to serve on the Emmanuel College Alumni Board for the past three years. It has been a true pleasure to serve the school that has given me and my children so much.

I have worked in education for 30 years. I have held administrative roles in Admission, Development and Communications. I have been involved in the planning of events, fundraising and school promotion. I have worked on strategic planning initiatives and NEASC accreditation teams.

As a parent, I have volunteered in the Admissions Office to help with Accepted Student Days and each time I am in awe at the growth of Emmanuel. Staying involved as a parent has enabled me to see the many positive ways in which the school has evolved over time while never departing from its core mission and values.

While Emmanuel is a small college, the positive change brought about by students and alumni has been a phenomenal force for good in the world. It would be an honor to continue to serve the alumni community and create channels of connection within the alumni community, the College, and the current students. "

• Christina “Tina” Ascolillo '17 - Candidate for Treasurer

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I want to give back to the institution that I credit with making it possible to be where I am professionally. As a member of the Board, I want to ensure that Emmanuel is meeting the needs of alumni across generations and current students while pragmatically adapting to fit the constantly changing needs of future students. I want to find ways to ensure alumni feel connected to the Emmanuel community, knowing that they have a voice with respect to the happenings of the institution regardless of their current level of involvement. Its critical, now more than ever, that we identify innovative ways to increase involvement and engagement of all alumni, locally and remotely, so that we can capitalize on the talents and assets of our global community and build our network."

• Alyssa Augenbaugh '19 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As an undergraduate, I found myself drawn to the College’s many work opportunities; I worked in the Library, ARC, Psychology Department, Academic Advising, as well as Residence Life and Housing offices. This work inspired me to pursue a career in Higher Education so that I might give back to and empower the next generation of students. Currently, I support thousands of learners around the world in a fully online program. I offer a fresh perspective on leveraging technology for effective learning online and maintaining student engagement in a virtual space, when convening in person is not an option. As an alumnus, I have enjoyed participating in the Alumni Book Club, serving on Psychology Alumni Panels and staying connected with Emmanuel’s student-led S.T.A.R.T. program."

• Margaret Begin Bean '91 P'22 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I believe in the mission of Emmanuel College. I’m proud to be an alumnus and part of a legacy family at the College carried by myself, my mother and my daughter.

Every trip I make to campus makes me nostalgic for the time I spent there from 1989 to 1991. My belonging to the 1991 reunion committee, fondness for alumni events, and time spent with my daughter on Emmanuel’s campus has kept my attachment and devotion to the College and its community strong over the years."

• Christine Busi DeGiacomo '88 G'02 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"Having spent the last 2 years in the Educational Arena as a Career Consultant I know that I can bring value to the Board.

I was very involved in student life during my years at Emmanuel. I was a class officer for two of my four years and a recipient of the Campus Life Award.

My Emmanuel Education served me well and I am grateful to have been a part of an amazing group of women. Please consider me to serve on this Board. Thank you in advance for your consideration."

• Amy Ericson '09 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I am enthusiastically running for a position for the Alumni Association Board of Directors. I am currently serving on the Young Alumni Council (YAC), which has been an incredible and meaningful experience. As a Class of 2009 graduate, I will age out of the YAC at the end of my term and would like to find a way to stay actively engaged with the College and alumni community. I currently serve on the Academy of Notre Dame (Tyngsboro) Alumni Association Board, where I chair the Events and Communications Committee. I am very grateful for my Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur education, both in high school and college, and would be honored to be considered for the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board."

• Mary Watson Gavin '73 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As a prior Board member, I would truly appreciate the honor of serving again. I am grateful for the education and opportunities Emmanuel provided me and wish to support Emmanuel in its mission serving and educating students and alumni, particularly at this pivotal time as Emmanuel enters its second century. As a retired educator, I am cognizant of the opportunities and challenges facing colleges and alumni and can be present on campus to represent our interests and those of the College. Campus events are so enriching that I have welcomed friends and classmates to participate. I firmly believe that alumni presence on campus is important for our enrichment and sense of community and invaluable for current Emmanuel students, our future alumni association members."

• Jacob Hill '20 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As a recent graduate of the class of 2020 from Emmanuel College, I intend to provide the Alumni Association Board with a fresh perspective as a graduate that has had to uniquely navigate both the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the responsibilities of being a recent college graduate. When reflecting on my time at Emmanuel, I can always remember the incredible sense of community that existed on campus during my time as an undergraduate. This true feeling of “being home” not only helped me succeeded and grow as an individual at Emmanuel, but also allowed me to foster relationships with my peers along with faculty and staff that I will have for a lifetime. Emmanuel College truly helped me become the man that I am today, and now I would like to return that favor."

• Matt McCarthy '15 - Candidate for Re-election, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As a recent graduate of Emmanuel College, I would like to re-run for the Alumni Board to continue to keep a strong connection to the college. Emmanuel was the best decision I could have ever made. Emmanuel guided me to pursue my passion of biology and teaching, and I am currently a high school biology teacher for Boston Public Schools. During my first two years as a Director-at-Large, I have been able to reconnect with the College by attending many events, by interacting with faculty members, current students and lots of alumni. Everyone has an Emmanuel story and I love being on the Board to connect with alumni to learn their story, and be able to see all the great things our students and alumni are doing. Emmanuel is truly a special place.

During my time on the Board, I have been involved in the programming for alumni events and I have served on the nominating committee. In addition, I am an adjunct faculty member for the School of Education and am teaching education courses to current Emmanuel students; some of the same classes I took as a student that pushed me to become a teacher. I would love another opportunity to serve as a Director-at-Large so that I am able continue to keep that strong connection to Emmanuel and its alumni. "

• Marcella Paez '18 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As a proud alum of Emmanuel College, I hope to continue my passion for the humanities and education through social justice. I plan on bringing a new perspective to the Alumni Board through my travel, work as an educator, ever-learning student, and most importantly as a Latinx and first-generation graduate. I decided to come back to the College because I felt drawn to help give back to Emmanuel. I learned so much about the world around me and myself when I attended, and I hope to continue to provide space to educate all Emmanuel alum. I am proud to be an alumnus of Emmanuel. I hope to start and continue a legacy of diversity and passion-driven social justice and education for all Emmanuel students."

• Joanne Petrillo '13 G'19 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"Emmanuel College has been a part of my collegiate education since the early days of nursing school followed by completion of Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing Science (BSN) in 2013. As I thanked my professors for a wonderful undergraduate experience, I knew my time at Emmanuel was not complete. In May of 2019, I completed my Masters Degree of Nursing Science.

My personal affiliation with Emmanuel involves speaking in a lecture forum with incoming nursing students and their parents about the positivity of Emmanuel’s undergraduate program and clinical experience of nearby Boston hospitals.\ I have stayed involved with Emmanuel as a donor to the nursing program and offer a peri-anesthesia lecture to nursing students entering the critical care portion of their rotation."

• Jake Powers G'18 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I want to represent you on the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board. Emmanuel has and will always be a special place to me. As a graduate student, I spent most of my nights and weekends on-campus - studying and putting in the work to receive a Master of Science in Management. As I grow further into my Research Administration career, I constantly find myself drawn back to Emmanuel – looking to help and share my experiences with others. As a proud and passionate alumnus, I have what it takes to create strong partnerships throughout the alumni community and bridge the gap between current students and alumni."

• Kristen McGee Ramsey '88 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I’m very interested in giving my time and resources to the College that made me who I am today. While attending Emmanuel, I gained leadership skills as an R.A., travelled abroad to England, and was afforded the opportunity to study art under Sister Ellen Glavin, SNDdeN and Michael Jacques.

When I reflect upon my experiences from Emmanuel, I have a great sense of pride. That pride, coupled with the experience of teaching 31 years in a diverse urban community, will enable me to share this perspective with the Alumni Association Board and alumni."

• Akyanna Smith '15 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"As a proud Afro-Latina, gay alumna of Emmanuel who served in various leadership positions on campus, I have remained vigilant about Emmanuel’s responses to issues of injustice and intolerance. While at Emmanuel, I had the privilege to revitalize, redevelop, and reimplement SafeZone training to educate the students, faculty, and staff about the LGBTQIA+ communities. In this position, I want to continue to amplify the voices of those with marginalized identities and advocate for change where needed. While my love for Emmanuel runs strong, I am critical of policies in place that prevent students from gaining a positive experience and reaping all the same benefits as alumni. I am committed to leading with empathy, vulnerability, and with the support of everyone in the Alumni Association."

• Sandra Capriulo Strong '83 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I have been involved with Emmanuel since my graduation in a number of ways. I’ve worked on the Reunion Committee for my class and returned as an employee for many years. I continue to assist with reunion activities and have attended many functions of the College, most recently to celebrate the 100th anniversary. I would bring a strong affinity to the experiences I have had at Emmanuel to the Alumni Association Board. I believe I can connect other alumni to our alma mater.

Professionally, I have extended experience in developing and implementing events of all kinds, social, spiritual and educational. Working with other alumni to connect to the College and offer opportunities for these connections to grow and develop would be a wonderful opportunity."

• Patrick Vittner '16 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I currently work as a Clinical Site Manager at OM1, Inc., and credit my post-graduate success to the meaningful experiences that were gained while attending Emmanuel College. In addition to earning a degree in Counseling & Health Psychology, I had the opportunity to participate on the Varsity Men’s Lacrosse Team, work as an Admissions Ambassador, and be involved as a member of various campus programs. Through these opportunities, I entered the work force as a confident, young leader eager to make an impact on my community. My purpose for running for the Alumni Association Board is to foster connectedness in order to continue to build EC’s network to inspire future growth of the College’s opportunities and community."

• Eibhilin Whittemore '17 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"Emmanuel College prepared me for my career at USAID and now I am able to serve as a resource for current students and recent graduates interested in working in international development with nonprofits, NGOs, and federal agencies. I have worked with faculty over the past few years to speak with these students. My professional work has brought me to work on federal policies, tracking multi-million dollar budgets and directing strategic engagement between the State Department, the White House and international stakeholders in the development community. I am interested in joining the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors to connect more deeply with our Alma Mater, including alumni and current students. I will use my skills to promote the College’s mission, assist with public events, strategic communications, policy and more."

• Stephen Yates '06 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board"I am a collaborative leader with the ability to communicate a vision, motivate, and help drive teams in a positive direction. I am looking to build on my professional experiences as a sales leader and career in high level collegiate athletics and apply that with the purpose of contributing to the betterment of all who surround me. My passion for helping others has aided me in my professional career and I am ready and exited to help make a difference and contribute to the advancement of Emmanuel College as a proud Alumni."


Official 2021 Ballot

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