2020 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Ballots may be submitted through Monday, June 1, 2020.


Meet the Candidates

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• Joanne Quinn Moffatt '70 - Candidate for President

"In seeking election to the Alumni Board as President, a role for which I’ve prepared during several terms of dedicated service, my goal is to facilitate engagement among alumni, sparking interest and feedback in meaningful ways. Connecting with alumni, participating in the Centennial, helping to ensure Emmanuel’s mission into its Second Century—a privilege! Emmanuel’s impact afforded me a platform to launch a rewarding career as a global human resources professional and a consulting practice, influencing my values, goals and actions. Now, it’s an opportunity to ‘pay it forward,’ applying my experience to increasing alumni connectedness within the Emmanuel community and collaborating with Career Services to assist students with job search skills. I’m enthused about reaching out to lead and expand our network of talented alumni!"

• F. Patricia McKenna Tobin '72 - Candidate for Vice President

"My business experience allows me to work collaboratively on boards. I enjoy volunteering my time and helping others. Emmanuel College taught me to be self-sufficient and adventurous. If elected, I would dedicate myself to helping Emmanuel continue to provide the quality education that is offered in a wonderful, urban setting. I look at the Alumni Board as a chance to give something back to Emmanuel.

I worked on my 25th reunion committee: Having been to all of my reunion weekends (except the 10th when I lived in Germany), the 25th was the one that seemed very significant to me. I helped with the actual events and fund raising. Since then I have been involved periodically working with the development office in ways that I thought I could help.

Since joining the Alumni Association Board, I have attended as many events as possible and reached out to many alumni for participation in events and giving back to the College."

• Beatrice A. Antoine '13 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"I want to serve on the Emmanuel College (EC) Alumni Association Board because I benefited greatly from my experience as a student at EC, and I want to find new ways to give back to the alumni network and community. My time at EC was formative and transformative, both personally and professionally. Since graduating, I have stayed involved in the EC community, attending and participating in college events. That said, I want to re-establish a presence and connection with the college fostering the genuine inclusion of alumni from a variety of backgrounds, especially when it comes to race, ethnicity, and gender. In short, I believe I can bring to this role authentic leadership, a strong belief in the power of diversity and equity, a passion for public service, and an eagerness to bridge EC alums from the past, present, and future. If you value these qualities, I would be grateful to have your vote. Thank you for your consideration."

• Ellen H. Baker '66 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"I am retired after 40 years as Senior Manager Retirement Plans and Senior Executive Benefits Plans for Macy’s, where I worked with the 401(k) and pension accounts as well as various legal issues and filings. I was the Volunteer Accountant at St. Monica/St. George from 1982-2010, where I handled the budgeting process as well as assisted in the fund raising process, reviewing communications and follow-up. I also served as Lector Coordinator for St. Monica/St. George for 40 years, training and scheduling lectors as well as verifying that people showed up. I have supported the Emmanuel Fund for years and have attended several of my class reunions as well as the gala for Sr. Janet. Whenever I come to Boston, I visit the campus."

• Dr. Patricia A. Compagnone-Post '79 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"A pivotal part of my educational experience at Emmanuel was developing the self-advocacy, my “voice”, especially needed for a woman to achieve professional success. I strive to nurture these same attributes in those with whom I interact. The closest friendships I made at Emmanuel, which were instrumental in my personal and professional growth, are still strong these 40 years after we graduated.

I recently retired as a professor of biology at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT., a small Catholic, liberal arts institution much like Emmanuel. At Albertus, I spearheaded student research programs and served as the principle investigator for a National Science Foundation grant to transform STEM education at Albertus. I welcome the opportunity to further advance the rich educational culture at Emmanuel."

• Betty Cox Gravelle '64 - Candidate for Re-Election, Director-at-Large

"Over the past years, as an Emmanuel College alumna (Class of 1964), it has been my great pleasure to serve on class reunions, various committees, and in particular as a member of the Alumni Association Board for the past two years. I view the Board as an essential tool for strengthening the connection between the alumni and the college. I’m interested in returning to the Board as a Director at Large. I look forward to my continued work with other Board members and the Alumni office to encourage and inspire fellow alumni to participate in the social, cultural, and spiritual events offered by Emmanuel. I sincerely appreciate your vote!"

• Jane Fitzgibbons Hanrahan '88 - Candidate for Re-Election, Director-at-Large

"I have been honored and proud to serve on the Emmanuel College Alumni Board for the past two years. It has been a true pleasure to serve the school that has given me and my children so much.

I have worked in education for 30 years. I have held administrative roles in Admission, Development and Communications. I have been involved in the planning of events, fundraising and school promotion. I have worked on strategic planning initiatives and NEASC accreditation teams.

As a parent, I have volunteered in the Admission Office to help with Accepted Student Days and each time I am in awe at the growth of Emmanuel. Staying involved as a parent has enabled me to see the many positive ways in which the school has evolved over time while never departing from its core mission and values.

While Emmanuel is a small college, the positive change brought about by students and alumni has been a phenomenal force for good in the world. It would be an honor to continue to serve the alumni community and create channels of connection within the alumni community, the college, and the current students."

• Jennifer S. Puccetti '89 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"After 30 years, it continues to be a pleasure to be involved with the Emmanuel community. I have served on the Board as President and as a Director-At-Large, chaired the volunteer initiative 90K, It’s All About Time, and continue to work with young alumni by mentoring and offering summer and full-time employment. I am always looking for new ways to stay involved with the Emmanuel community as well as way to continue to share the mission of the College."

• Carrie M. Rodman '03 G'16 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"I learned very quickly as a student at Emmanuel College that they do not only care about the academics of a student but what kind of person that student will become in the real world later in life. I have taken that same mentality to my work as an educator/leader for the past 12 years at a charter school in Hyde Park. Thinking about the whole student is incredibly important for students to be successful. I graduated from Emmanuel College in 2003 with my Bachelor’s degree in education, coached softball as an assistant and head coach, and came back in 2016 for my Masters of Teaching. Emmanuel holds a special place in my heart—once a saint always a saint."

• Joycelin Tremblay Raho '05 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"I have been working in higher education for the last 12 years in campus ministry. Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity to look at how mission and identity is embodied by the institution, and examine trends around the future of Catholic Higher Education. In both instances, I have looked to Emmanuel with pride, seeing how my alma mater continues to balance the fine line between valuing tradition and moving the college forward with the times. Emmanuel has made bold changes since I first arrived on campus in 2001, and her efforts have brought forth a plethora of exciting opportunities to both better our students and the greater Boston community. I love seeing the diversity of the campus continuing to thrive, the size of the campus expanding, and the opportunities soaring.

I hope that a position on the Alumni Associaiton Board will allow me the opportunity to give back to the alma mater that offered me the opportunity to grow into a sucessful, bold, Catholic woman in the modern world. I also would hope to provide creative opportunities and ideas for alumni to remain connected to the traditions and mission of Emmanuel."

• Jessica Wang '19 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

"Emmanuel College is a place that offered me a home and helped me discover my passions. As President of the Student Government in 2019, I developed a deep connection to Emmanuel College. Graduating in May 2019, I went straight into a Master’s program at Harvard University for Higher Education, aspiring to learn how to hold the door of higher education open for others, as so many at Emmanuel had done for me. As a graduate student, I research fostering first generation student success within private American colleges and universities. Graduating with my Master’s this May, I would bring a unique perspective and in-depth understanding of higher education to Emmanuel’s board. Throughout this past year, I have remained active within the Emmanuel community, attending Centennial and alumni events, visiting campus, and supporting and staying in touch with both alumni and current students. It is with high hopes that I be welcomed back into the campus community to support my alma mater in a new and exciting way."


Official 2020 Ballot

Thank you! Voting has now closed. The results of the 2020 Emmanuel College Alumni Association election will be announced shortly.