2019 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Ballots may be submitted through Monday, June 3, 2019.


Meet the Candidates

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Bernadine Desanges '12 - Candidate for Treasurer
As an alumna of Emmanuel College who has previously served as one of the Directors-at-Large for the Alumni Association Board, I would be honored to serve as Treasurer. Personally and professionally, I will continue to offer my passion and commitment toward making Emmanuel College the best it can be for current students, while bridging the gaps of connectedness and communication between different cultural and racial affinity groups within the Emmanuel College alumni network. I attended Emmanuel College under the mantra, “This is your place.” Understanding such a statement figuratively and literally, I set out to continue making Emmanuel College a home to myself and all those I interact with personally and holistically, in support of the institution’s mission to educate students through a commitment to social justice.
Joanne Quinn Moffatt '70 - Candidate for Secretary

In seeking re-election to the Alumni Association Board as Secretary, a role assumed from Director-at-Large, my goal is to facilitate engagement among alumni, sparking interest and feedback in meaningful, fun ways. Connecting with alumni, contributing and sharing in the Centennial, honoring the business acumen of Sr. Janet and her leadership team--a privilege! Emmanuel’s impact afforded me a platform to launch a rewarding career as global human resources professional and a consulting practice, influencing my values, commitment, goals and actions. Now, it’s an opportunity to "pay it forward," applying my experience to increasing alumni connectedness within the Emmanuel community and, collaborating with Career Services, assisting students with job search skills. I’m enthusiastic about reaching out to expand our network of talented alumni!

Christina Ascolillo '17 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

As Emmanuel is an institution with a mission rooted in service and I am someone who is passionate about serving others, my job in public service has kept me connected to that mission. I know that without the alumni network I made as an undergrad, I would not have been afforded the post-graduate opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to be presented with. By serving on the Alumni Association Board, I hope to connect alumni with current students by drawing them back to campus and encouraging the embracement of the mantra, "Once a Saint, Always a Saint." Additionally, I want to increase involvement and engagement of our young alumni, locally and remotely, so that our network can capitalize on the talents and global community of its youngest Saints.

Since graduating from Emmanuel, I have found opportunities directly through the College and on my own to stay connected to the Emmanuel community. I have directly hired three current undergraduate studnets to intern at my State House office, as well as assisted two young alumni in securing full-time positions in other legislative offices. Additionally, I came back to campus to participate in the Orientation Leader Alumni panel as a former OL, to share my experiences and advice with the current OL staff. Through the Alumni Relations Office, I attended the alumni networking event at Atlantic Beer Garden. I am involved in the College's Centennial celebration, and I am looking forward to assisting with, as well as attending, events associated with the Centennial this year!

Erin Tracy DiGuardia '08 - Candidate for Re-Election, Director-at-Large

As an advancement and fundraising professional, I understand the importance of alumni engagement and giving back to one’s alma mater. I believe this unique insight is a strong asset to the Alumni Association Board, particularly as we have expanded our outreach and enhanced our committee work. I believe the Alumni Association Board has had great growth in formalizing our efforts in collaboration with and in support of the College in various aspects in recent years. It is my hope to continue this work if my peers and fellow alumni grant me the honor. I have also stayed involved with the College as a Reunion Committee Member as well as by attending local events and staying active on social media. Lastly, I have maintained meaningful relationships with those on campus who helped shaped me as a student.

Sheila C. Drakeley '16 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Being a member of the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board would allow me the opportunity to continue to enhance the College’s connection with particularly young alumni and allow the voices, concerns and thoughts of recent graduates to be heard. I have established myself well within my area of study and network in the Longwood Medical Area, which makes me a valuable asset for these reasons. I am a strong advocate for all the clubs and organizations I was part of and founded during my time at Emmanuel. I still regularly attend events from these organizations as well as lectures hosted by the College. I also still visit the College regularly to meet and mentor students in the sciences as they continue their education and prepare for life after Emmanuel.

Matthew L. McCarthy '15 - Candidate for Re-Election, Director-at-Large

As a recent graduate of Emmanuel College, I would like to re-run for the Alumni Association Board to continue to keep a strong connection to the College. Emmanuel was the best decision I could have ever made. Emmanuel guided me to pursue my passion for biology and teaching. I am currently a high school biology teacher for Boston Public Schools. During my first two years as a Director-at-Large on the Board I have been able to reconnect with the College by attending many events, as well as by interacting with faculty members, current students and lots of alumni. Everyone has an Emmanuel story, and I love being on the Board to be able to see all the great things our students and alumni are doing. I love connecting with alumni to learn their Emmanuel story as Emmanuel is truly a special place. During my time on the Board I have been involved in programming for alumni events, and I have served on the nominating committee for the Board. I would love another opportunity to serve as a Director-at-Large so that I am able continue to keep that strong connection to Emmanuel and its alumni.

Mary Kate Roffey '17 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have remained involved with Emmanuel in many ways since graduating and would love to take my involvement further by serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The summer after my graduation from Emmanuel, I worked in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. This experience, paired with volunteering at alumni events with the 1804 Society, offered me great insight to the alumni community and the opportunities for alumni to stay connected to EC. I recently participated in a Founders’ Week panel about completing a year of service after graduation. As an AmeriCorps alumni, I would love to be an asset to Emmanuel alumni who are seeking opportunities to continue serving others. I would also love to increase the community service offerings for alumni to participate in together. The opportunity to represent all Emmanuel alumni is a huge honor, and I would be particularly excited to increase engagement of other alumni who live far away from campus, as well as my fellow young alumni. I currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana, but manage to stay very involved in the Emmanuel community. My senior year at Emmanuel I was part of the very successful senior class gift committee for my class. This allowed me to take on a leadership role in promoting giving to Emmanuel to my peers, and it is something that I am very passionate about.

F. Patricia McKenna Tobin '72 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

My business experience allows me to work collaboratively on boards. I enjoy volunteering my time and helping others. Emmanuel College taught me to be self sufficient and adventurous. If elected I would dedicate myself to helping Emmanuel continue to provide the quality education that is offered in a wonderful, urban setting. I look at the Alumni Board as a chance to give something back to Emmanuel.

I worked on my 25th reunion Committee. Although I have been to all of my reunion weekends (except the 10th when I lived in Germany) the 25th was the one that seemed very significant to me. I helped with the actual events and fundraising. Since then I have been involved periodically working with the development office in ways that I thought I could help.

Seth Urbanoski '09 - Candidate for Re-Election, Director-at-Large

I have had the privilege of serving on the Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board for the past three years, both as a Director-at-Large and as Treasurer. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve the College during our Centennial, and I'm seeking to run again because of the enthusiasm I hope to harness coming out of the Centennial and continuing to build upon our legacy. As an attorney I believe I bring strong problem-solving and strategic-thinking to the Board, and I'm particularly focused on finding new ways to engage our young alumni through programming and new fundraising initiatives. Cheers to 100 years, Emmanuel!

Katherine M. Westfield '12 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I will forever be grateful for Emmanuel College. Having successfully graduated from Emmanuel I have been able to be a special education teacher in Boston Public Schools for the past five years. Through my involvement in the Boston Public Schools I am connected to the city of Boston as well as the greater community through living in Dorchester and teaching in Brighton. I am eager to expand the name and reach of Emmanuel within the youth of Boston. I was fortunate to have a friend of my mother’s involved in the Alumni Association Board to pass along the great opportunity. I would love to give back to Emmanuel as I have my very best friends (the “Core Four”) that support me everyday, and Emmanuel made that happen.


Official 2019 Ballot

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