2018 Alumni Association Ballot

All alumni are encouraged to vote in annual Alumni Association leadership elections. Ballots may be submitted through Friday, June 1, 2018.


Meet the Candidates

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Gretel Schneider '77 - Candidate for President
I am the current President of the Alumni Association Board. I have served one year, having been voted in by the Board to replace the previous President who needed to resign before completion of his term. I share this with you because I am now running for a full two-year term with the desire to be voted in by the Association. This year has provided me with experience and more importantly the realization that the Board, under my leadership, needs to reach more sectors of the Emmanuel community to build enthusiasm, awareness and support. Since my graduation in 1977, Emmanuel's alumni population has grown increasingly diverse. While our alumni community spans many generations, genders and ethnicities, our shared values are an appreciation for the education we have received, the dedication of the faculty and administration and the deep friendships that have endured. My goal as President is to build on these bonds, growing the Association into a more active and engaged body. I plan to lead the Board, facilitating and encouraging interaction with the College and alumni we represent and increasing participation in the Annual Fund. We are on the eve of our 1919-2019 Centennial: I want to lead us through this period to make the most of this unique celebratory opportunity.
Lenore Merullo DelVecchio '84 - Candidate for Vice President

I have served on the Alumni Board for many years in various roles. It has been an extremely rewarding and fun experience. I am so lucky to have reconnected with many former classmates and have made many new and lasting friendships. I would love to be elected as Vice President so I can help the Board continue it’s mission to identify, connect and engage with our dedicated, diverse and super-talented alumni community. I humbly ask for your vote again. I look forward to serving you as Vice President as we approach our centennial anniversary. We all have so much to be proud of, so much to celebrate and so much to look forward to.

Jordan Colon '13 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

After graduating from Emmanuel, I have made it my vocation to help others in their pursuit of achieving their educational goals. By working in education, I have come to appreciate more the experiences I gained by attending Emmanuel. My transition to college was not easy, but was made easier through the guidance of staff who work at Emmanuel. My time away from the College has given me a fresh perspective on just how instrumental my experiences at Emmanuel were in shaping the person I am today. I have continued to develop as a person since graduating, but now feel certain that I was able to lay that foundation down while attending Emmanuel. I hope that by becoming involved in the Alumni Association Board, I can continue to make some impact at EC.

Jane Candito Corr '70 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College prepared me for a successful career in education by strengthening and rewarding my leadership and organizational skills. My college experience provided me a nurturing and challenging environment in which I could grow intellectually and spiritually. I spent thirty-six years as a classroom teacher in the Boston Public Schools, working daily with students and parents, participating and facilitating faculty workshops, and teaming with peers to provide the best educational experience possible. It has been a privilege to serve on the Alumni Board the past two years. If reelected, I look forward to working alongside my fellow board members to inspire greater involvement and commitment to both service and our alma mater, especially as we anticipate celebrating Emmanuel's Centennial.

Bernadine Desanges '12 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

As an alumna of Emmanuel College who has previously served a position as one of the Directors-at-Large for the Alumni Association Board, I will continue to offer my passion and commitment towards making Emmanuel College the best it can be for current students while bridging the gaps of connectedness and communication between different cultural and racial identity groups within the Emmanuel College alumni network. I attended Emmanuel College under the mantra, “this is your place.” Understanding such a statement figuratively and literally, I set out to continue making Emmanuel College a home to myself and all those I interact with personally and holistically, in support of the institution’s mission to educate students through a commitment to social justice.

Mary Watson Gavin '73 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I am seeking re-election to the Alumni Board because I believe that I have a lot more to contribute. As Emmanuel moves into its second century of educating young leaders, I feel that a positive alumni presence is essential to ensure that future generations of students will be able to benefit from an Emmanuel education. My years of experience have provided me with a skill set to assist the board in developing programs to encourage alumni participation.

Betty Cox Gravelle '64 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

My interest in having my name placed on the ballot stems from my previous experience on the Alumni Board for several years. It was, and I assume still is, interesting and challenging work with other Board members who are focused on improving communication with fellow alums and as a conduit for communication between the alumni and the college. I enjoyed working with a regional group to plan events of interest for the alumni in that area. I have also been a member of the reunion committees for the Class of 1964. I truly enjoyed my years at Emmanuel and feel that working on the Board is a way to give back.

Jane Hanrahan '88 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have worked in education for 27 years. I have held administrative roles in Admission, Development and Communications. I have been involved in the planning of events, fundraising and school promotion. I have worked on strategic planning initiatives and NEASC accreditation teams. As a parent, I have been approached by the Admission Office to help Emmanuel with Accepted Student Days and each time I have replied with an enthusiastic "yes.” Staying involved as a parent has enabled me to see the many positive ways in which the school has evolved over time while never departing from its core mission and values. While Emmanuel is a small college, the positive change brought about by students and alumni has been a phenomenal force for good in the world. It would be an honor to serve the alumni community and to continue to create channels of connection within the alumni community and between the alumni, the college, and the current students.

Bryanne Harrington '09 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

Emmanuel has provided valuable tools which I use everyday in my professional role as a nurse. The BSN Program instilled in me the value of the patient’s perspective and the important role that I play as an advocate for those whom are vulnerable. The Master’s Program in Business Management provided me with a wealth of knowledge about how best to accomplish your goals while working within limitations. I hope to be supportive team member, hearing everyone’s voice. I offer an experienced view as a nurse, a mother, a Catholic and a proud alumna. I became interested in serving the Emmanuel community more actively after connecting with several alumni who showed me the value they bring to children in the community through their work at Mission Church Grammar School. The Emmanuel students and alumni as well as all the children reap great benefits from this relationship. Overall, I hope to give back to Emmanuel a little of what they have given me.

Elizabeth Humphries '10 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

In my opinion, I owe my current career working in Student Affairs at a university to my time at Emmanuel. The growth and development that I had the privilege to experience during my four years at Emmanuel helped me become the person and professional I am today, and it’s both my interest and responsibility to help other alumni see the benefit of staying connected and having pride in the place we all once called home. Since graduating in 2010, I’ve stayed connected to the College through Alumni Weekend, Wintry Mix and Mingle, and even sporting events between alumni and current student leaders through Student Activities. Perhaps most memorably, I also participated in each iteration of the Young Alumni Service Trip to New Orleans sponsored through Mission and Ministry.

Mary Goodhue Lynch '87 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have always been a proud Emmanuel alumna, crediting my liberal arts education for allowing me to pursue three different careers, with the past 20 years in higher education. Work and children kept me busy and away from Emmanuel, with only a handful of visits over the years. I was as pleased as any when my daughter, Hannah Lynch ‘19, found her own way to Emmanuel. She is fourth generation, following me, my mom, Elizabeth Healy Goodhue ’53, and my grandmother, Margaret Higgins Healy, ’23, the “pioneer” class. With many legacy stories here, I am impressed that Emmanuel has remained relevant for generations. I would like to support that mission of access, excellence and service. For alums who have been away, I would also like to help welcome them back.

Renee Omolade '14 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

As a Dorchester resident committed to increasing access to quality learning opportunities for young people, I am a valuable asset to the EC Alumni Board. I am committed to many community organizations that develop young leaders and are continuously looking for student pathways to institutions of higher learning. My relationships with non-profit leaders and role at Boston Public Schools provide me with an understanding of the Boston student landscape which I am excited to bring to the board. Moreover, I continue to stay engaged with the Black Student Union, Nia retreat, and the Sociology department. As our city continues to grow in diversity and inclusion, I am excited to be an Emmanuel College alumna reflecting the community we serve. Thank you for your consideration.

Danielle Smith '17 - Candidate for Director-at-Large

I would be honored to serve on the Alumni Board as a member from the Class of 2017 and have the opportunity to give back to a community that means so much to me. Since graduating, I have stayed involved with the college as a spokesperson for the Career Center. In my role with the Career Center, I have participated in online and in-person campaigns to attract students to the Career Center and the job search. If I were chosen to be a part of the Emmanuel College Alumni Board, I would use my role on the board along with my role at the Career Center to continue to help new graduates with their transition out of college and to discover new opportunities.


Official 2018 Ballot

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