Emmanuel Legacies

When Hannah Lynch ’19 entered Emmanuel College in the fall of 2015, she became the first fourth-generation student in the College’s history. Lynch, who will graduate in Emmanuel’s Centennial Year, follows in the footsteps of her mother, Mary Goodhue Lynch ’87; grandmother, Elizabeth Healy Goodhue ’53; and great-grandmother, Margaret Higgins Healy ’23, a member of Emmanuel’s first graduating class and the first Alumni Association president.

“The kind of people I know my mother and grandmother to be, and what I’ve learned from stories about my great-grandmother, gave me an idea of what Emmanuel College must be like,” says Hannah Lynch. “They are incredible women—kind, but not passive, and also smart, driven and able to stand up for themselves and for what’s right. Going to Emmanuel was always in my mind but was never a certainty. I went into my college search with an open mind and visited several campuses, but in the end I chose Emmanuel. I’m here because I want to be.”

Four-Generation Legacy


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