Board of Directors


Meet the 2021-2022 Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors


Joanne Quinn Moffatt '70, President

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Sociology
Career Experience: Most recently engaged as self-employed Human Resources Consultant, retiring in 2015. In prior role(s) as Vice President, Human Resources, worked in privately held and publicly traded global organizations.
Personal Interests: Boating, power and sail, cruising Cape Cod Bay and Southern N.E. Coast, occasionally fishing; enjoying a round of golf and some winter sports. Reading historical novels, music, traveling and catching up with family and friends!
Additional Volunteer Work: Current Member of the Emmanuel College School of Business Advisory Council. Served as Corporator/Director with Family Services of Central Massachusetts, Inc., until its recent merger with Seven Hills Foundation. Past initiatives have been informal while being involved in the care of my elderly Mom, actively participating at her senior living community activities. In-kind work included human resources consultation for a municipality and non-profit organizations.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: An Emmanuel education afforded me a platform from which to launch a truly rewarding career! Serving on the Alumni Board is an opportunity to “pay it forward,” applying my experience to increase alumni connectedness within the Emmanuel community.

Collaborating with the Alumni Relations and Development Staff and our talented, diverse team of alumni board members, I’m enthused about facilitating engagement among alumni across generations, sparking interest and feedback in meaningful ways, fostering a spirit of philanthropy and commitment to Emmanuel’s mission during its Second Century.


F. Patricia McKenna Tobin '72, Vice President

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. American History
Last Company: Xerox Corporation. Spent 39 years in many different positions. Worked in the DC area for 10 years selling to the Federal Gov’t. Retired (12/2012).
Personal Interests: Family, friends and volunteer work. Spend a lot of time at the gym and love to play golf.
Personal Commitments: Sacristan and Eucharistic Minister at Holy Family Parish in Concord, MA
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Serving on the Alumni Board is an opportunity to give something back to the college that helped me launch a successful career. I worked on my 25th reunion committee and have participated in some development activities for my 40th reunion. With renewed appreciation for the Emmanuel experience and its mission, I’m excited to share the College’s success and future plans with alumni. In addition I look forward to the next 100 years of Emmanuel College!!


Christina "Tina" Ascolillo '17, Treasurer

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: History and Political Science – American Politics and Government
Current Company: Legislative Director for Chairwoman Lori Ehrlich - Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Personal Interests: Traveling and exploring new places, visiting local breweries, and following current events and the news.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I want to give back to the institution that gave me so much and want to ensure that we are not only serving current students and alumni, but that the college is adapting to fit the needs of future generations of students that choose to attend. By serving on the Alumni Board, I want to connect alumni with current students by bringing them back to campus more frequently throughout the academic year to interact with the Emmanuel of today and reinforce that the College is a place that they can return to and continue to call home after they leave the gates on graduation day. It is important that we truly encourage alumni to live up to the mantra, “Once a Saint, Always a Saint,” by identifying innovative ways to increase involvement and engagement of all alumni, locally and remotely, so that we can truly capitalize on the talents and assets of our global community.


Jane Fitzgibbons Hanrahan '88, Secretary

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Education
Advanced Degree: Master of Education - Providence College
Current Company: Marianapolis Prep School
Personal Interests: I love to spend time with family and friends, watch sports and practice yoga.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I have worked in education for twenty-seven years and have held administrative roles in Admission, Development and Communications. I have been involved in the planning of events, fundraising and school promotion, and worked on strategic planning initiatives and NEASC accreditation teams. I am honored to give back to the college that has given me so much. Because three of my children have attended Emmanuel, I was able to see the many positive ways in which the school has evolved over time while never departing from its core mission and values. While Emmanuel is a small college, the positive change brought about by students and alumni has been a phenomenal force for good in the world.


Beatrice Antoine '13, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Sociology, Human Services
Advanced Degree: Master of Social Work and Urban Leadership Candidate ’21 – Simmons University
Current Company: Volunteer Program Manager, The Family Van (Harvard Medical School)
Personal Interests: Whenever I have downtime (which is rare), I enjoy taking time to reset and recharge (self-care advocate). Whether I am working out, catching up on my favorite TV shows, hanging out with friends and family, or taking care of my plants (#plantmom), I love spending my free time learning something new about myself, others, and the world around me.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: As an alumna of the College, my impetus to serve on the Board as a first-time member is to find new ways to give back and serve the community. I cannot deny that my time at Emmanuel was formative and transformative, both personally and professionally. Outside of the educational experience, I thank the College for the foundational relationships I built and still have to this day. I want to re-establish a presence and connection with the College fostering the genuine inclusion of alumni from various backgrounds, especially when it comes to racial/ethnic diversity. Beyond that, I am strongly committed to ensuring that EC is at the front and leading end of promoting social justice and service and celebrating the rich diversity of all students.


Patricia A. Compagnone-Post '79, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.S. Chemistry, magna cum laude with distinction in Biochemistry
Last Company: Retired Professor of Biology, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT., Department of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
Personal Commitments: Orange, CT Democratic Committee; Orange, CT Historical Society member; mentor to women in science.
Personal Interests: Since my retirement, my kitchen has become my laboratory. I enjoy experimenting with cooking and learning cuisines from around the globe; traveling and long walks on the beach feed my soul.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I am absolutely astounded by the advancement and commitment the College has made to academic excellence, especially to the study of sciences. The rich and exciting education I had as an Emmanuel coed, which included conducting research and completing a senior thesis at Harvard Medical School, inspired me to pursue a career in academia. The closest friendships I made at Emmanuel were instrumental in enhancing my personal and professional growth and are still strong these decades after we graduated. Emmanuel’s second century promises to offer a uniquely challenging education program. I am honored to actively contribute as the college realizes its vision.


Christine Busi DeGiacomo '88 G'02, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardEmmanuel Degrees: Undergraduate Degree: Accounting and Business, Graduate Degree: Human Resource Management
Career Experience: Currently I am a Career Consultant with United Training (formally New Horizons) working with Massachusetts and New Hampshire Unemployment Offices and Vocational Rehabilitation offices offering and delivering specialized training to the dislocated worker population. I also work with the youth population to provide High School or GED graduates the opportunity to successfully enter the workforce through our training programs.
Personal Interests: I love spending time with family and friends. I love to swim and spend time at the beach. I also love reading, boating and I am learning to knit. My favorite holiday is a trip back to my beloved Bermuda. I try to get home at least a few times a year.
Additional Volunteering: I have served on the Board of Directors of the Stoneham Educational and Community Foundation and currently serve as the President of the TOA association where I live.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: As a two-time Emmanuel alumna, I am honored to give back to the College which has given me so much. When I first stepped foot on the the campus in 1984, I knew Emmanuel was the right spot for me. My time at Emmanuel formed me into the person I am today and for that I am so grateful. I look forward to serving on the Board and to be a part of the community and to be able to give back.


Mary Watson Gavin '73, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Government
Advanced Degrees: M.Ed., Boston State College; CAS, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Career Experience: I am a retired teacher with more than thirty years of service to the children of Cambridge, MA
Personal Interests: I am a member of the Belmont Garden Club and I enjoy fencing.
Additional Volunteering: Belmont Town Meeting Member
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Serving on the Alumni Board is a way of saying thank you for the opportunities Emmanuel provided to me.


Betty Cox Gravelle '64, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Sociology
Advanced Degree: Master of Social Work - Boston College
Career Experience: Retired after 32 years as a school social worker; prior experience as a child welfare specialist
Personal Interests: Travel, reading, visiting with family and friends(both near and far), winters in Florida, volunteering.
Additional Volunteering: Volunteering for the past eight years at a local hospice, working with staff, patients and families.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I am returning to the Board after a few years hiatus. My impetus to serve remains as it ever was: To give back to the College, to work toward bringing alumni and the College together about shared concerns and interests, and to assist the College as it moves into the future.


Matthew L. McCarthy '15, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Biology
Advanced Degrees: Master of Education, University of Massachusetts Boston; Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Education, Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston
Current Position: Science Department Chair/Biology Teacher at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, Boston Public Schools and Adjunct Professor of Education at Emmanuel.
Personal Interests: Family and friends, traveling to new places, teaching, and cooking.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Attending Emmanuel College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Emmanuel offered me so many wonderful opportunities that I will always cherish. At Emmanuel I was able to pursue my love of biology and teaching and my education from there has opened many doors for me. I also met some of my best friends at Emmanuel and all of us have been able to start amazing careers since graduating. I wanted to join the alumni board because Emmanuel offered me so much during my time there that I wanted to give back to the community I love. I am so excited to be a part of the Board and I look forward to connecting with lots of alumni, faculty, staff and current students.


Kristen McGee Ramsey '88, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Art Education
Current Position: Art Teacher, Consolidated School District of New Britain, CT








Carrie M. Rodman '03, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Elementary Education Grades 1-6
Advanced Degrees: Special Education 5-8, Simmons College; Masters of Teaching, Emmanuel College
Current Position: Special Education teacher at Academy of the Pacific Rim
Personal Interests: I love sports, especially the Boston sports teams. My favorite place to be is on the beach with my iced coffee and book. I enjoy traveling to new places during my vacation. I just recently started to take golf lessons. When I have down time, I like to binge watch tv shows or something on Netflix.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Emmanuel is near and dear to my heart. I became a better person because of my experience at Emmanuel. I am forever grateful and want to continue to make sure other students have the same experience as a Saint.


Marcella Paez '18, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. History
Advanced Degrees: History Ph.D. candidate, University of New Hampshire
Current Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of New Hampshire
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: As a proud alum of Emmanuel College, I hope to continue my passion for the humanities and education through social justice. I plan on bringing a new perspective to the alumni board through my travel, work as an educator, ever-learning student, and most importantly as a Latinx and first-generation graduate. I decided to come back to the college because I felt drawn to help give back to Emmanuel. I learned so much about the world around me and myself when I attended, and I hope to continue to provide space to educate all Emmanuel alumni. I am proud to be an alum of Emmanuel. I hope to start and continue a legacy of diversity and passion-driven social justice and education for all Emmanuel students.


Akyanna Smith '15, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Psychology - Counseling/Health
Advanced Degrees: Master of Education (M.Ed.), College Student Affairs - University of South Florida
Current Position: Assistant Director for Student Activities, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Personal Interests: When I'm not working I really enjoy unwinding by listening to podcasts (and always looking for new recommendations), going to pilates and yoga classes, baking, and traveling to new places. Fun fact, I took a solo trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a week and it was a life-changing experience.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: As a proud Afro-Latina, gay, alumna of Emmanuel who served in various leadership positions on campus, I have remained vigilant about Emmanuel’s responses to issues of injustice and intolerance. While at Emmanuel, I had the privilege to revitalize, redevelop, and reimplement SafeZone training to educate the students, faculty, and staff about the LGBTQIA+ communities. In this position, I want to continue to amplify the voices of those with marginalized identities and advocate for change where needed. While my love for Emmanuel runs strong, I am critical of policies in place that prevent students from gaining a positive experience and reaping all the same benefits as alumni. I am committed to leading with empathy, vulnerability, and with the support of everyone in the Alumni Association.


Patrick Vittner '16, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Counseling & Health Psychology
Current Position: Clinical Site Manager, Acceleron Pharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.
Personal Interests: Keeping up with all Boston sports and visiting the local dog park with my dog, Milo!
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: My purpose for joining the Alumni Association Board is to foster connectedness in order to continue to build EC’s network to inspire future growth of the college’s opportunities and community. My success as a young alumnus is attributed from the sense of community and drive for excellence that was instilled during my undergraduate term. After graduating, I have been able to reflect on all of the relationships I have built there, and reflect on the memories that flourished from the resources that Emmanuel College was able to offer its communal network. Emmanuel College has continued to adapt to enhance the Saints’ experience, and I hope to inspire alumni to continue to give back to the College, so all generations can be connected as one.


Jessie Wang '19, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Health and Counseling Psychology
Advanced Degree: Master's in Higher Education from Harvard University
Current Company: Director for Student Success at East Tennessee State University
Personal Interests: I enjoy writing, running, attempting yoga, finding the best local coffee shops in every town, and traveling once it's safe to do so again.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Emmanuel College inspired me to hold the door of higher education open for the next generation of students, just as so many have done for me. While at Emmanuel, I served as Student Body President in 2019, which ignited my passions for promoting and supporting student success, social justice issues, and advocating for change when necessary. I am honored to be serving on the Board and hope to bring a younger perspective to decisions and make a positive difference within the community that I love so much. Go Saints!