Board of Directors


Meet the 2019-2020 Emmanuel College Alumni Association Board of Directors


Gretel Schneider '77, President

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.S. Psychology
Last Company: President/Owner GAL Advisory, Inc; Representing The New Yorker in New England to potential advertisers for print/web/mobile
Retired: Retired (8/2015)
Personal Commitments: President Emmanuel Alumni Association Board, President 2017-present; Orchard Hills Condominium Board, Secretary 2018-present; Volckening Inc., Brooklyn, NY Board, Secretary; Jackaronda Foundation Board, 2018.
Personal Interests: I relocated to Fairfield County, CT in 2018 from Wellesley, MA. During this period I have been invited to join 3 Boards (listed above.) In addition to my Alumni Board commitment, I plan to continue my 10 years of prison “re-entry” work, travel and take on golf lessons.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I want to give back to the school in a way that I think can make a difference. I am honored to be elected as President of the Alumni Association and want to motivate and lead the Board and Alumni to support the school and celebrate its rich heritage and mission, especially for its Centennial!


Lenore Merullo DelVecchio '84, Vice President

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Biology
Current Company: President, Summit Press Inc.
Personal Interests: I love to vacation with my family on a sunny beach. I also love shoe shopping and Zumba!
Additional Volunteer Work: You’ll find me every Monday night volunteering at Bingo at St. Anthony’s Church in Revere. I also volunteer as a parent ambassador at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn. I help out with dozens of fundraising events for Project Px in Melrose throughout the year.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: This is my fourth term serving on the board; I have had the pleasure and privilege of serving as Director–at–Large for three terms and enjoy my new role as the AAB Treasurer. I am grateful for the education I received at Emmanuel and I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing team of hardworking and dedicated individuals. I look forward to staying very actively involved in various alumni events and will continue to enjoy connecting with the super talented and service oriented alumni community.


Bernadine Desanges '12, Treasurer

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Sociology/ Information Technology
Advanced Degrees: Master of Science in College Student Development and Counseling - Northeastern University
Current Company: Northeastern University’s John D. O’Bryant African American Institute
Personal Interests: I enjoy writing and performing spoken word poetry, embarking on new adventures, mentoring students, hiking the Blue Hills, watching comedic films, reading culturally educational books, spending time with family and friends exploring my hometown or going abroad and exploring other cultures.
Additional Volunteer Work: I mentor a student as part of Northeastern’s Torch Scholars Program and a student as part of the Alray Scholars Program, in addition to supporting movements that lead to social and cultural awareness within our nation.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: As an alumna of Emmanuel College, my desire to serve on the Emmanuel College Alumni Board is to give back to all; with a focus on the cultural groups within our alumni community. I attended Emmanuel College under the mantra “this is your place,” understanding such a statement figuratively and literally. In support of the institution’s mission as an active student leader, I was determined to make Emmanuel College a home to myself and all those I interacted with personally and indirectly. It is my goal to continue doing so while on the board and beyond. I am passionate and committed to making Emmanuel College the best place it can be for current students, while bridging the gaps of connectedness and communication between different generations and racial groups within the Emmanuel College alumni community.


Joanne Quinn Moffatt '70, Secretary

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Sociology
Career Experience: Most recently engaged as self-employed Human Resources Consultant, retiring in 2015. In prior role(s) as Vice President, Human Resources, worked in privately held and publically traded global organizations, as well as entrepreneurial businesses.
Personal Interests: Boating, power and sail, cruising Cape Cod Bay and Southern N.E. Coast, occasionally fishing. Enjoying a round of golf and some winter sports, like cross country skiing and snow shoeing (having retired from downhill skiing!). Reading historical novels, music, travelling and catching up with family and friends!
Additional Volunteer Work: Recently elected to a three year term as Corporator/Director with Family Services of Central Massachusetts. Other past volunteer initiatives have been informal while being actively involved in the care of my elderly Mom, enthusiastically participating at her senior living community activities. In kind work included human resources consultation for a municipality and non-profit organizations.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board:  An Emmanuel education afforded me a platform from which to launch a really rewarding career! Serving on the Alumni Board is an opportunity to “pay it forward,” and, is a way to facilitate alumni engagement on a broader scale than past contributions of assisting on a reunion committee and participating in some development activities. With renewed appreciation for the Emmanuel experience and its mission, I’m enthused about sharing its successes and future plans with alumni across generations to spark interest, increase involvement and serve as our voice! As we join in the College Centennial celebration during 2019, I look forward to sharing its future vision.


Christina "Tina" Ascolillo '17, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: History and Political Science – American Politics and Government
Current Company: Legislative Director for Chairwoman Lori Ehrlich - Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Personal Interests: Traveling and exploring new places, visiting local breweries, and following current events and the news.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I want to give back to the institution that gave me so much and want to ensure that we are not only serving current students and alumni, but that the college is adapting to fit the needs of future generations of students that choose to attend. By serving on the Alumni Board, I want to connect alumni with current students by bringing them back to campus more frequently throughout the academic year to interact with the Emmanuel of today and reinforce that the College is a place that they can return to and continue to call home after they leave the gates on graduation day. It is important that we truly encourage alumni to live up to the mantra, “Once a Saint, Always a Saint,” by identifying innovative ways to increase involvement and engagement of all alumni, locally and remotely, so that we can truly capitalize on the talents and assets of our global community.


Jordan Colon '13, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. Political Science, History
Advanced Degrees: M. Ed. Psychology and Counseling – Springfield College, currently pursuing MBA – Concordia University Chicago
Current Company: Concordia University Chicago: Assistant Director, Residence Life & Housing
Personal Interests: I am very much interested in tennis: I enjoy playing, reading about it and watching it. In addition, I have a few tv shows that I follow (such as Friends and Scandal). I have a passion for ice cream and food in general, and attempt to read as much as is possible.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I feel that I truly learned more about who I am today by virtue of my experience at Emmanuel. I hope through my continued service, I can help provide the opportunities for such experiences to current and future Emmanuel students.


Jane Candito Corr '70, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Education/Psychology
Advanced Degrees: MED in Educational Administration - Boston State College
Retired: Boston Public Schools
Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, Zumba, traveling, enjoying Duxbury Beach.
Additional Volunteer Work: Board Member of Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center in Kingston. Volunteering with Kiwanis Club of Kingston/Duxbury, Kingston Elementary School, Richard J Murphy School, Dorchester.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: My impetus to coming back to Emmanuel to serve on the Board is my way of giving back to the college, and also to help increase involvement and engagement of all our alumni with the greater college community. Today’s Emmanuel is very different than the one I knew and yet, we are all bonded by the same traditions and excellence in education that Emmanuel has been known for almost one hundred years.


Erin Tracy DiGuardia '08

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Management
Current Company: Chief Advancement Officer, Matignon High School (Cambridge, MA)
Last Company: Development Coordinator at Lasell College
Personal Interests: Spending time with friends and family; beach days
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Work to further alumni engagement across the generations and support alumni involvement at the college.




Mary Watson Gavin '73, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Political Science
Advanced Degrees: M.Ed. - Boston State College; Conant Fellowship, CAS - Harvard, Graduate School of Education
Retired: Cambridge Public Schools
Personal Interests: I enjoy fencing and gardening.
Additional Volunteer Work: I am active in church and civic affairs in my community. I am a lector at Mass and am a Town Meeting Member.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I enjoyed and benefitted from my Emmanuel education and would like to help usher in her next century.


Betty Cox Gravelle '64, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Sociology
Advanced Degree: Master of Social Work - Boston College
Career Experience: Retired after 32 years as a school social worker; prior experience as a child welfare specialist
Personal Interests: Travel, reading, visiting with family and friends(both near and far), winters in Florida, volunteering.
Additional VolunteeringVolunteering for the past eight years at a local hospice, working with staff, patients and families.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I am returning to the Board after a few years hiatus. My impetus to serve remains as it ever was: To give back to the College, to work toward bringing alumni and the College together about shared concerns and interests, and to assist the College as it moves into the future.


Jane Fitzgibbons Hanrahan '88, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Education
Advanced Degrees: Master of Education - Providence College
Current Company: Marianapolis Prep School
Personal Interests: I love to spend time with family and friends, watch sports and practice yoga.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I have worked in education for twenty-seven years and have held administrative roles in Admission, Development and Communications. I have been involved in the planning of events, fundraising and school promotion, and worked on strategic planning initiatives and NEASC accreditation teams. I am honored to give back to the college that has given me so much. Because three of my children have attended Emmanuel, I was able to see the many positive ways in which the school has evolved over time while never departing from its core mission and values. While Emmanuel is a small college, the positive change brought about by students and alumni has been a phenomenal force for good in the world.


Matthew L. McCarthy '15, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Biology
Advanced Degrees: Master of Education - University of Massachusetts Boston ‘16
Current Company: Biology Teacher at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, Boston Public Schools
Personal Interests: Family and friends, traveling to new places, teaching, and cooking.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Attending Emmanuel College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Emmanuel offered me so many wonderful opportunities that I will always cherish. At Emmanuel I was able to pursue my love of biology and teaching and my education from there has opened many doors for me. I also met some of my best friends at Emmanuel and all of us have been able to start amazing careers since graduating. I wanted to join the alumni board because Emmanuel offered me so much during my time there that I wanted to give back to the community I love. I am so excited to be apart of the board and I look forward to connecting with lots of alumni, faculty, staff and current students.


Mary-Kate Roffey '17, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: American Studies, Minor in Management
Current Company: Marketing and Events Coordinator, Muggivan School of Irish Dance
Personal Interests: I love Irish dance, spin, traveling, watching sports, politics, and dogs.
Additional Volunteer Work: I completed a yearlong AmeriCorps term upon my graduation from Emmanuel. I currently volunteer with Irish Fest New Orleans and Friends of St. Alphonsus.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Emmanuel is very near and dear to my heart. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that were afforded to me throughout my time as a student, and have loved staying involved as an extremely proud alumna. I wanted to take my involvement even further and serve on this board to help keep alumni connected with EC. I am especially excited to create opportunities that engage young alumni and those who live far away from campus.


F. Patricia McKenna Tobin '72, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: B.A. American History
Last Company: Xerox Corporation. Spent 39 years in many different positions. Worked in the DC area for 10 years selling to the Federal Gov’t.
Retired: Retired (12/2012)
Personal Interests: Family, Friends and Volunteer Work. Spend a lot of time at the gym and love to play golf.
Personal Commitments: Sacristan and Eucharistic Minister at Holy Family Parish in Concord, MA
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: Serving on the Alumni Board is an opportunity to give something back to the college that helped me launch a successful career. I worked on my 25th reunion committee and have participated in some development activities for my 40th reunion. With renewed appreciation for the Emmanuel experience and its mission, I’m excited to share the College’s success and future plans with alumni. In addition I look forward to the next 100 years of Emmanuel College!!


Seth Urbanoski '09, Director-at-Large

Emmanuel College Alumni Association BoardMajor: Business Management, Minor Economics
Advanced Degrees: Juris Doctor - Suffolk University Law School
Current Company: Law Office of Frank V. Grimaldi, P.C.
Personal Interests:Skiing, running, and politics. I also play in a Boston bocce league.
Impetus to come back to Emmanuel and serve on the Board: I believe I owe a great deal of my success to Emmanuel College. In many ways I became the person I am today during my four years on campus. Emmanuel provided me with a solid academic background before entering grad school, and helped me develop as a leader through clubs and programs. I wanted to come back to Emmanuel, and serve on the AAB, to pay it forward and make sure as many students as possible have the same positive experience I did.