Clubs & Groups

The Emmanuel Alumni Association encourages our alumni to organize and support the College through alumni clubs and groups. There are many ways for alumni to connect based on affinities of geography, academic majors and co-curricular activities.

Life-long connections start here.
The Emmanuel College Alumni Association has alumni chapters in selected regions across the country. These volunteer-driven chapters offer a variety of events - from educational and cultural to social and athletic. Contact Alumni Relations at to learn about joining or starting a chapter in your area.

Other ways to reconnect with the College.
Alumni affinity groups are alumni who shared a common experience with a student organization or student experience. Perhaps you were an Orientation Leader (OL), played women’s basketball, served as Resident Assistant (RA) or some other co-curricular activity. These groups are just another opportunity for our alumni to identify and communicate with one another and become more connected with their alma mater. Alumni from all areas and all years come together to connect with Emmanuel based on their college experience. Think how much fun it would be to gather with other Emmanuel alumni and share stories about a shared experience beyond the classroom. Please contact Alumni Relations at for details and more information.