Then and now, there is simply no other place like Emmanuel College.

And you, our alumni, are the bond that connects our past and our present. You are - both then and now - a vital part of our community, and we invite you to rediscover the treasure that is Emmanuel College.

Come back and retrace your first steps on campus and recall the excitement of receiving your first year class banner, or the anticipation of the Sophomore Pinning Ceremony. Remember the pride you felt in becoming an upperclassman during the Junior Ring and Tassel Ceremony, and the "almost there" butterflies of the Senior Cap and Gown Ceremony.

These traditions bridge Emmanuel's past, present and future, and are part of your life story. Together, as alumni of Emmanuel College, you share something unique - experiences that inspired you to grow and reach your full potential. Like you, the College has grown and changed, but the history and traditions that you remember continue.

So now is the time to rediscover Emmanuel. See what's new and different on campus, and what fresh and exciting things we are doing. Whether you visit us online or in person, you're sure to discover something both nostalgic and remarkable at Emmanuel College.