Senior Class Gift

Students today... Saints forever.

Make a GiftWhether you’re an athlete, a recipient of financial aid, a study abroad traveler or a researcher, the philanthropic gifts made by Emmanuel alumni and friends have contributed to your time here.

And as soon-to-be alumni, it’s our turn to make those same opportunities available for future students by supporting financial aid and scholarship programs.

Join in the Class of 2018’s legacy by making a contribution to the senior class gift!

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What is the senior class gift?

The class gift is all about celebrating our senior year! As we move closer towards Commencement, we recognize the impact of professors, coaches, advisors, and alumni who have shaped our Emmanuel experience along the way. By participating in the Class of 2018 Senior Class Gift, we demonstrate our gratitude for the experiences we’ve had at Emmanuel and the memories that will last a lifetime. For more information, contact Matt Farrenkopf, Emmanuel Fund Officer, at (617) 735-9992 or


How do I make my gift?

You can make your gift online, connect with a Senior Class Gift Committee member, visit the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (3rd floor of the library), or reach out to a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee (listed below).

Edir Abid and Shauna Canavan, Co-Chairs
Temma Beaudrea, Eric Cote, Paige Emery, Devin Gilmore, MacKenzie Katz, Emily O'Brien, Megan Rockett, Madison Soares and Jan Trousilek.


Why should I give?

Financial Aid is such an important branch of the Emmanuel Fund, as it helps keep college affordable to so many students, who would not be here today if not for the scholarships they have received. The Class of 2018 is dedicating their senior class gift to fundraise for our financial aid and scholarship programs, so our students can continue to thrive, and have less of a burden after they graduate from 400 The Fenway.

“Many of our peers who are strong leaders on our campus have only been able to attend Emmanuel because of financial aid that was made available to them and as a senior class, I believe we should allow the same for future students and leaders.” – Edir Abid
“Financial Aid is a primary reason why I chose Emmanuel. The college was generous and rewarded my past academic successes as well as helping me invest in my future. Additionally, year to year Emmanuel has revisited my financial aid package and added to it based on my academic performance. Emmanuel has been truly helpful with my Financial Aid and I am so grateful!”- Jan Trousilek VI

During your time here, there has been at least one professor, staff member, or coach who has made your Emmanuel experience better. This year, you have the opportunity to thank them by dedicating your senior class gift in their name. On the giving form, please explain who the gift is honored for, what department they work in, and why you want to dedicate you gift to them.


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